Bangladesh Embassy in Mexico
No Visa Required

Bangladesh origin foreign citizens (except SAARC countries) are eligible for endorsement of “No Visa Required to Travel to Bangladesh” stamp on their foreign passports. Their (foreign born) spouses and children are also eligible for this endorsement, which allows the holder multiple entries into Bangladesh with unlimited duration of stay within the validity of the passport.

For NVR, you have to apply online. Visit and start your online application (you may face problem in logging-on the website if you are using an earlier version than 9.0 of Internet Explorer (Windows) or an earlier version than 3.5 of Mozilla Firefox). Please read the instructions carefully before you start your application. Since this is a common application system for New Visa, Extension of Visa, NVR and On Arrival Visa; you have to continue filling it up and select No Visa Required (NVR) in case of the category of your application.